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[26 Feb 2006|11:48am]
Hey all, its Darcy.Yes the Darcy?wait i'm not famous, so forget that.Well usually people like to have intros, but i mean come on..if you really wanna know me, a entry won't help you know me?I mean, you have to talk to me.Whatever.I'm in grade 10,and i'm on spirit squad.I mostly hang out with Em,Manny,&Chantel.most people think i'm a "good girl"..can looks be deceiving...Ever since last yearwhen we broke paiges leg.I've kinda tried to keep out of some thingslike injuring the captian..although it was funny.I guess i'm doing good..i GUESS you could say.Well i must get off..i'm a very busy girlhah..i kid.Want to reach me,you can IM me at darcy the dream


p.s. comment to be added
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